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R2B2 Space X by Reyane Tradition

R2B2 Space X by Reyane Tradition

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With daily use the travel size bottle (10ML) lasts 40 days, and the sample size bottle (5ML) lasts 20 days!


R2B2 Space X by Reyane Tradition

The futuristic and innovative world of space travel influences this fragrance. With top notes of bergamot, citrus, mandarin and a touch of apple, which create a cozy hug. The heart notes consist of rose berries, coriander, black pepper, patchouli and white wood, adding a spicy and woody dimension to the fragrance. The base notes feature modern musk, amber and tonka bean that administer the perfect blend of aromas.

This fragrance, despite having many citrus notes, amber and tonka make it a sweet fragrance! Perfect for any type of occasion, whether it's a date with your boyfriend or shopping at Econo so the cashier tells you that you smell delicious.

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